Thrillville: Off The Rails

Date: October 2007
Developer: Frontier Developments, LTD.
Platforms: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360
Publisher: LucasArts

Yes, I wrote George Lucas’ video game for George Lucas. Now, George Lucas owns his very own firehouse. Is this a coincidence? No, no it is not.

Thrillville: Off the Rails was a wonderful baptism of fire. I wrote every single word for this third-person theme park adventure, created scripts for its animated cut-scenes, and supervised voice-acting sessions.

Fun Fact: Chris Baker(s) made this game, and my participation in it, possible. Chris Baker, a public relations wizard at LucasArts, originally recommended me when he learned Thrillville needed an American writer. Chris Baker, Wired magazine’s boy genius editor, loaned me one of his magazine’s extra computers when my Macintosh personal home computing unit committed suicide.